Friday, July 20, 2007

Mimi Serving It Up in South Africa

Isn't she beautiful =)

Birthday in Africa

Serving it up

Snow in Africa

As most of you know, Mimi is currently in South Africa on a two month mission trip with a group called Thrive Africa. She left on June 17 and will be there until Aug 10 and of course I'm missing her like crazy =) She has been having a great time, learning a lot and meeting lots of great people. I can't wait to hear even more of her stories. More pictures from her trip so far here.

Unfortunately as of now, I'll be in Iraq when she gets back. What is it with me and long distance God has definitely taught me lots of patience but apparently still not enough.

So anyway...this is just me missing Mimi and also asking ya'll to keep her in your prayers!


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

She is beautiful and must have a beautiful heart to be serving in South Africa!!

Mimi said...

Our times are in His time,
Our way is open before Him,
He has all in His control.
Never doubt His care,
Never question His dealings.
We shall know that He is leading us by the narrowness of the way,
It is offtimes a difficult and a preciptous path,
But He would assure us of His hand of protection.
For Him to have opportunity to teach us,
And we shall be blessed,
We shall learn to praise Him with uncontrollable joy.

You've touched my heart and I miss you dearly! =)