Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where is the ACLU???

Put the Cross in urine...the ACLU defends it as free speech. Put a statue of the Virgin Mary in elephant dung...yep...ACLU defends as free speech. Burn the US guessed it...ACLU defends as free speech. However, flush a koran down the toilet...charged with two felonies as a hate crime...ACLU no where to be found.

Hat Tip: Flopping Aces


FeatherIron said...

That is crazy!

Love the Africa pics and stuff, amazing!

How's the mouth?

You know, if you were married this living on different continents wouldn't be an issue? :-)

Cajun Tiger said...

Mouth and teeth are doing great thanks to all the prayers. Thanks for the insight ;)

The leftist southpaw said...

You are referring to a criminal case. The ACLU tends to deal in CIVIL matters.

Cajun Tiger said...

Criminal case? An what exactly is the crime?

The leftist southpaw said...

your post says "charged with two felonies."

Cajun Tiger said...

Two felonies for flushing a koran down the toilet? A criminal offense? Exactly the type of thing the ACLU normally defends as a civil liberty.

Jean Ohlerking said...

Bible bashing isn't a crime.
Koran bashing is.
Abortion isn't a crime.
Cruelty to animals is.
Virginity is mocked.
Immorality is embraced.
Declaring Jesus as Lord on public grounds makes the ACLU take action.
Using the name of Jesus as a swear word is accepted.


Nick said...

I would say the ACLU does get involved in criminal cases plenty. They advocate against the death penalty and actively oppose the 3 strikes your out laws.

Flushing a Koran down the toilet is a hate crime? I can see arresting the guy and levying a fine and community service for blocking up the sewage system, but a hate crime?? Give me a break.

Next time someone desecrates a Bible, I expect to see them prosecuted for the same, with no ACLU interferrence.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mrs. Jean...all very true.

Nick...exactly, but don't get your expectations up to high.