Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kerry Denies Vietnamese Bloodbath

In an amazing attempt to re-write history, Senator Kerry made the outrageous claim on CSPAN that there was not a major bloodbath after America pulled out of Vietnam and that the "re-education" camps weren't bad either and in fact the people who were held there are "thriving" today.

Tell that to the 165,000 family members that are documented to have had family members killed and the millions who were tortured and held prisoners for years in these "re-education" camps!

Senator Kerry owes the millions of Vietnamese as well as the Cambodian and Laos people who were slaughtered in the millions because America left before they were able to defend themselves an apology for such a ridiculous statement. It was his actions that were responsible then and he is attempting to do it again in Iraq. I guess he feels like Congressman Obey that the deaths would be horrendous if we leave but that isn't our problem.

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Mike's America said...

I heard that interview. Simply unbelieveable.

But of course you know that if Dems are succesful in forcing a U.S. surrender in Iraq they will simply deny it when a bloodbath occurs in that country.

Harry Reid called any suggestion of an Iraq bloodbath "hypothetical" and refused to answer any question about the consequences of premature U.S. withdrawal.

And of course Dems know they can count on the "news" media to switch from covering violence in Iraq to showing video of children flying kites.