Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best of the Rest

To wrap up this de-brief, I've included the best of the rest and a little give and take at the end. Enjoy:

Your guess is as good as mine

Didn't they just accuse us of being racist in the last series of pics??? Better not let the PETA folks see this.

Wish I could have gotten a full shot of this b/c it had good stuff...after going through everything that has happened since know...Bush lied, torture camps, illegal wiretaps, etc...they ask you to ask yourself "if you feel free"...yes I do thank you very much for asking!

This guy definitely wins the contest for longest sign in the history of protests. He would have written more but he may have been afraid he would hit the power lines.

Now we switch gears and have a little give and take between leftys and Eagles:

Pelosi and Reid just wish the left would understand that they really wish they could cut the funding to the war, but then they would lose their cushy Congressional perks.

Don't you just love the media and congressional support of our troops

Left's war strategy

Enemies' War Strategy

Finally an honest lefty...we all know they want to cut and run...finally someone has the guts to say it.

The very real reality of what happens if we cut and run!

See how much fun ya'll missed. Well I'm glad I was able to represent so many Eagles that wished they could be here but couldn't. Until next time...Cajun Tiger over and out from lefty land.

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