Saturday, March 17, 2007

The March for Defeat

Very small turnout


Mike's America said...

Fox News confirmed that the anti-American protesters had a much smaller crowd that anticipated and that the Eagles were surprisingly strong.

Good work EAGLE!

Also, what's up with the freaky halloween colors these communists used?

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Awesome pics and coverage. I'm so proud of you guys!!

Skye said...

It was a great pleasure to meet you today!

This photoblogging is quite addictive :)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Good work, all! I echo chatterbox's praise.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...if they had 10,000 I'd be surprised and we easily matched that number if not topping it. They had a few more buses arrive after I gave my 3 to 1 outnumbering estimate, so if I had to give a guess at worst is was even, but probably closer to a couple of thousand more.

The had pretty much every color except red, white and blue!!! wish you could have made it =)

Skye...great to meet you as well...and I totally agree. I need to check my cell plan and see how many pic text I'm allowed so I don't end up with a $1000 phone said pleasure and wish you could have joined time!!!

Check back for my wrap up post tomorrow as I'm going nite nite.

Jenny said...

What a disgrace! Your people were nasty and disrespectful of peaceful protestors exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Does Fuhrer Bush not let you dissent from what HIS opinion is? How can you support the deaths of our brave soldiers? You honestly think it is ok to stay after entering Iraq under false pretenses? You think they didn't actually know that nothing existed? Puleez! The Fuhrer knew and went in anyways. He never had to see war up close just like the draft dodger Bill Clinton. You chicken hawks roar for war but won't go yourselves. At least I admit I am a pacifist and don't believe in violence.

Nick said...

1. When someone starts referring to Bush as Hitler, Shrub, or "Fuhrer," they can usually be dismissed as either immature or a loon.

2. Do Shane and his friends not have a right to express their free speech? Oh, and vandalism on private or taxpayer funded structures is NOT free speech. It's called a criminal act. I believe Rolling Thunder's main job there was to make sure far-Left disrespectful punks didn't vandalize monuments like they did last year.

3. Isn't Rolling Thunder comprised of alot of Iraq War Vets? Kind of throws out your chicken hawk comment.

You're a pacifist. Good for you. Guess what, millions of Muslim extremists are not, and they would give you 3 options: convert, be a slave, or die. Which one you want?

Always On Watch Two said...

I was a great day for patriots!

I didn't get to meet up with you; once we got to the staging area, my husband and I milled around on our own.

Cajun Tiger said...

Nick...all very good points and questions...don't hold your breath for an answer though...but instead be prepared for more vitriol as that is the usual response to facts as you have seen in other comments. I just love the "courage" of an anonymous blogger.

AOW...too bad we didn't get a chance to meet up yesterday, but being we are both in NOVA I'm sure we can remedy that soon =)

Jenny...your comment is so telling as to who you think the real enemy is. Ignorance must be so bliss. As Nick asked which would you choose...conversion, slavery or death? B/c if you and your ilk have their way that will be your choice soon. Better start shopping for burkas. But then again don't waste your time on that b/c thanks to the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, you can continue to express your free speech to your little liberal heart's content.

As to your comment of not going ourselves, I have gone thank you very much and very likely will be going back as did my cousin who is one of the fallen in Iraq. Continue to live in your fantasy world that if we just left, all would be roses in the Middle East. In the meantime we will continue to protect your right to express yourself, you're welcome.

mamapajamas said...

re: Jenny...

Isn't it amazing that she seems to think that only war protesters are allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment rights?

Jenny, sweetie... what you encountered was OTHER Americans exercising THEIR 1st Amendment rights!

Sucks, doesn't it? :D