Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering of Eagles De-Brief

Yesterday was a truly historic day. I'm pretty sure this is the first time ever that a counter-protest has outnumbered an anti-war protest in DC. With at most 10,000 people on the anti-war side, the Eagles easily matched and maybe even outnumbered them (most are saying doubled or possibly even triple in number and I would agree...reason it was hard to estimate our side was b/c Eagles were spread out everywhere protecting monuments and along the parade route). Even though the MSM failed to cover our side, it was very apparent to all who were there who was representing and who wasn't. If this is the best they can do on the 4 year anniversary of Iraq and 40 year anniversary of the huge Vietnam protest on the Mall, then Fonda and her ilk must be fuming.

It was funny b/c during their rally Skye heard them announce several times for the crowd to move in towards the stage. This was to try and make the camera shots of the crowd look big. Due to the small numbers and the big field they were in, it made the already small number look even smaller.

Here are other bloggers who were either on the ground or have done wrap up posts based on what they have found on their own about the event. They also have links on their sites as well to great reports on the day. Not an exhaustive list by any stretch but names that are familiar in the comments here.

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Now on to the fun. Below you will find several posts with pics of the day along with my running commentary. Enjoy =)


Skye said...

Writing up my thoughts on the day, Cajun.

I do second this comment below as I heard the same announcement while I was traipsing on the dark side.

It was funny b/c during their rally they had to keep announcing for the crowd to move in towards the stage to try and make the camera shots of the crowd look big

Cajun Tiger said...

Actually I should have given you credit on the post for that soundbite b/c I didn't hear it on my own. I'll do that now =)

Cajun Tiger said...

Done =)

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Awesome job all the way around!! Woo-hoo for America :-)))))!! And for those of us who are proud to wave our American flags!!

MonicaR said...

It was great to meet you, Cajun Tiger! So glad that you were able to make it early. We had a great time.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Too bad no one can tell what the exact numbers are for both sides; or even a reliable estimation.

Thanks for putting all these photos up, so quickly. I know it's a lot of work.

JohnnyB said...

Good job, dude, best reporting yet.

Cajun Tiger said...

Thanks was my pleasure to be the eyes and ears on the ground =)

Mike said...

Good compilation of pics from GOE.

Chris said...

Cajun, it was great meeting you. I liked the green hand too!! Hope you heal quickly. See you at Rolling Thunder?

Cajun Tiger said...

Green hand? It was blue from the cold but not green =)

Unfortunately I won't be able to make Rolling Thunder this year as I'll be returning from a missions trip to Burundi on that day. Look forward to your coverage of it.

Mike said...

This would have sent me over the edge. If the anti-war protesters did this in front of me, I would have probably have gone to jail for assaulting them. Burning the effigy

Notice how they don't do it at GOE?! They may be radicals but they have some sense of self preservation. Kind of like the PETA people will throw paint on models and other wussies. Why doesn't the PETA people head to a biker bar and toss paint on leather clad bikers or on their bikes? Yeah, the bikers would mess them up if not kill them.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...i saw that and it made me sick. They definitely didn't do that while the Eagles were around b/c that is one thing that they definitely would not have gotten away with as I'm sure there would have been instant Rolling Thunder taking care of that quickly.