Friday, March 16, 2007

Calling All Eagles


Well, after a couple of fun exchanges with a couple of new libs in the comments section, I've decided to change my plans tomorrow morning and make a whole day out of it. Despite the forecast of snow and below freezing temps, I'll be there to join a whole list of other bloggers that have frequented the comments section on here. Among the ones I know as of now are: Skye (who will be posting live pictures to her site and if I can figure that one out I'll try to do the same), Grizzly Mama, Troll, and Always on Watch. And as I mentioned in the previous post, Mike will be blogging live and talking to us on the phone so swing by his site for the play by play. Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be very telling.

I'm also pumped that Rolling Thunder will be there as well. If you have never been in DC over Memorial Weekend, you are definitely missing out. It is one of my favorite holidays to be in DC. One of the highlights is the Rolling Thunder groups rally on usually the Saturday before Memorial Day. They come in from all over the country on mostly Harleys...hence the name Rolling Thunder. It is definitely a sight and sound to behold!

If anyone in DC wants to join me, give me a call so we can meet up tomorrow morning and go over together.


MonicaR said...

LOL Mike.

Skye said...

Or just runaway from the scary noise, Mike.


Dirk said...

mike's america, please watch uttering the bad words or Cajun will delete your comments...wait...I think Cajun is playing favorites letting his kind get away with it yet censoring those he disagrees with. Hypocrite.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...sorry bud, but had to delete your comment so that my neice wouldn't have to ask what that word meant as a body part might not have been a suffecient description for my sister to

To your comment, most of the Thunder guys actually flew in and didn't ride their bikes due to the weather, so I was very dissapointed b/c I was so looking forward to seeing and hearing hundreds of Harley's around the loonies.

Dirk...there is no double standard or hypocrisy here as just in the last three days this makes my second comment I delete from a friend who let their emotion get the better of them.