Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blanco is Out!

PoliticsLA.com is reporting that LA Gov. Blanco is dropping out of the Governor's race. I can't believe she ever thought she stood a chance in the first place after her complete meltdown during Katrina. I still don't think this was totally her decision, but more likely extreme pressure for the State party.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

That is some good news for the day!! After seeing people like William Jefferson and Ray Nagin survive their controversies its good to see someone tank for their misdeeds.

Nick said...

Problem is now, I'm not confident in Jindal being able to beat good ole boy John Breaux. This is going to get ugly, IMHO.

My personal take, I don't think a person who hasn't voted in any of our state elections in the last 2-3 years does not deserve to be Governor. I don't care how qualified they are. As much as I like them, I wouldn't vote for Duncan Hunter or Ted Poe for LA's governor.

But as usual, the Democrats and people who worshiped at the altar of Breaux will gladly pull the lever for him. We might as well release ole Uncle Eddie Edwards from jail and elect him for 5th time.

Cajun Tiger said...

LMC...while I definitely agree about Jefferson and Nagin made some mistakes, I would have liked to have seen the difference if there were a competent person in the Governor's mansion for Bush and Nagin to deal with after Katrina instead of one that through total incompetence tied both their hands in many ways.

Nick...it will definitely get ugly as this was a major strong arm move by the Dems to get her out knowing she was going to lose to Jindal in order to bring Breaux in who will have a cake walk to the position now.