Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where's Old Glory?

Let's play a little game. Instead of "Where's Waldo?", let's play a game called, "Where's Old Glory?"

Iraqi, Lebanese and Old Glory

World Flag (aren't they against globilization?) Old Glory

Several variations of peace Old Glory

Nope...upside down does not count...still no real Old Glory

Finally...Old look rather lonely...maybe you should join the Eagles next time...

There she is in all her Glory!!!

It really was a striking display the difference in the flags of the two groups. I've only given you a small sampling of what was there. Another one I saw that I wish I could have gotten a clear picture of but couldn't due to people in the way was an American flag, but in the place of the stars were corporate logos like Nike, Microsoft, Coke and others I guess to say we are no longer a country of states but of evil corporations.

Next up...can you please come up with something new???


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

My mom and I were talking and even though I went to public schools all my life I have always had a deep love for my country. I don't understand where this hatred and vitriol comes from. And how people can't be proud to wave an American flag.

MonicaR said...

LMC - I feel the same way about my country and my flag. I am also a public school graduate.

I was raised in a family where the flag was put up every holiday. I remember saying the Pledge at school. I remember hearing my father talk about the men who died so that we can be free. He talked about that alot.

I credit my father - and mother who ultimately had the responsibility of getting the flag up and then back in on those holidays - for my patriotism and understanding of what was given and lost in order for me to enjoy our freedoms.

I also think that the public school system has changed quite a lot since I was going through it. The leftys seem to be at the helm now.

Mike's America said...

Cajun: You started me thinking about the symbolism among the lefties when you mentioned the abscence of American flags properly displayed.

Then I started looking at the Halloween colors of the mass produced signage.

All that yellow, orange and black! Yuck!

The best I can figure is that they want to convey a sense of being citizens of the world, not so much Americans.

Doesn't surprise me since so few of them really do consider themselves Americans unless they're prattling on about their "rights." THEN they are Americans. But only then.

Thanks again for all your first person impressions at the scene. This is the kind of detail that we won't find in the lamestream media and it tells the story about who and what these people really are.

I've heard some inklings from folks who were so buouyed by the successful Gathering of Eagles that they want to build on that and create a more aggressive movement to defeat the defeatists.

Let's hope that is the case.

Thanks for doing your part!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I feel sorry for those anti-war folk who do want to wave the American flag and "support the troops". They are undermined by the sorry bedfellows they keep.

Cajun Tiger said...

LMC and Monica...I'm a public school product as well, but thankfully came out unscaved =)

Mike...I heard many comments about "not my President"..."not my country" from the lefties.

Keep me in that loop...this is definitely that can be built on.

Wordsmith...very true.