Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bringing Together the Radicals of the World

If you thought the protest yesterday was just about the war, you would be very mistaken. The lefties can never have a protest without all the radicals coming out from every nook and cranny. Here are a few of the participants:

Well it was a war protest so they had to at least pretend that was what they wanted...but of course they threw in impeachment for good measure.

War on Iran? Now there is an idea!

Of course they had to pay homage to the Palestinians lest we forget...what about Darfur?

Conspiracy Theorist of the World Unite!!!

Can't be a true leftist radical party without their good buddy, Che

Speaking of socialist

Yep...that is why we are at war b/c we hate Arabs and Muslims...nothing at all to do with murderous radical Islamic terrorists who happen to be majority Arab...nah...that would be too simple to figure out and stop.

That's more like it...told you they were against globalism

Wow...that's a mouthful

Of course we can't forget that the lefty rave of the day is global warming

And last but not least the PETA contingent

Hope you enjoyed your walk through lefty world.

And finally a hodgepodge of the rest...


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

The Virginia feminist=yikes!!!

Mike's America said...

Kind of curious what is ex'd out on that one bumper sticker.

Cajun Tiger said...

Oh...sorry...meant to explain that...was a very vulgar comment towards the President.

io said...

Sono esterefatta nel leggere il tuo blog. I cervelli ottusi e piccoli sono pericolosi per l'umanità e allora per favore, fai lavorare la poca materia grigia che risiede nella tua testa.
Fuori dall'Iraq, imbecilli..!

Cajun Tiger said...

io...anonymous and in a foreign that is a new low for a cowardly attack with no substance.