Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gathering of Eagles

This Saturday I'll be joining hopefully many other patriots with Gathering of Eagles to counter-protest the anti-war loonies. I'll be sure to take lots of pics. For live blogging on the ground surf on over to Skye and Mike's page. For those of you in DC...come out and support...all the info in on the Eagles page.


Dirk said...

Typical Repubicans. Pro war and anti-freedom of speech. God help us if people want to express their opinions. You guys go out there and try to intimidate citizens from expressing themselves. Will you be wearing your brown shirt too Cajun?! Out of curiousity, did you serve in the military at all?

Cajun Tiger said...

Dirk...It's amazing how many times I have to educate libs on freedom of speech being they claim to be the soul protectors of it.

I can't violate your or anyone else's freedom of speech b/c i'm not the government. The constitution says, "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech" And you obviously have never seen a picture of me b/c you would know that I in no way intimidate anyone. Lastly, while I hope for a huge turnout on our side, it will likely be very much more of the anti's than the pro so definitely no intimidation there not that that is our intent anyway.

I have just as much right to show up and rally for my beliefs as those who will be against the war will.

They have every right to say as many idoitic things as they want and I'll do nothing to stop them, but I'll be there to show that there are others who have very different opinions which is also my right.

From what I understand, we aren't even going to be screaming the lame sayings the libs are so fond of making up, but instead just standing there in silent counter-protest. We'll see how "peaceful" they really are and if history is any indication, I'm sure that won't be the case.

Have no clue what you mean by a brown shirt. I'll be wearing a red shirt that I bought while in Iraq last year. Also I haven't served in the military yet, but I'm signing up in the fall. You?

Dirk said...

Brown shirts know, what your Aryan brothers wore with Hitler? Oh, I have seen you before via your Myspace page. You and your trained military veterans will be out there opposing ordinary citizens expressing their displeasure with a sloppily-run war. I'd call that intimidation. By the way, I was 11 Bravo. Since you haven't been in, you probably won't know what it means. Sig Heil!

Mike's America said...

dirks: "anti-freedom os speech?"

Are you confused?

You have no freedom of speech to deface war memorials or shout fire in crowded theaters.

And isn't it funny, that when our side speaks out on the war and other issues like global warming we get death threats from the "peace" activisit crowd?

What is it that makes you think you have the sole right to express your opinion and even go so far as to tell other people they have no right to express theirs?

Your'e what we call a "peace fascist."

Grow a brain, get a life!

Cajun: Always on Watch is coordinating some of the bloggers. You might touch base with her.

Let me know if you get hooked up with our team. I'll be gathering the first person viewpoints of all you folks and would appreciate your input.

Wish I was there, but I'm afraid the days when I would hop in the car for a roadtrip to DC are over. It was much easier when I was living there and could just grab my flag, hop on my bike and head down Capitol Hill.

The leftist southpaw said...

"Anti-war loonies" are not patriots? news to me.

Cajun Tiger said...

Dirk...I honor your sevice in the infrantry as that is definitely one of our least thanked MOS, especially the enlisted, but dude you have got to lay off the KoolAid. I guarantee you that any acts of intimidation will not be coming from our side as has already been witnessed with the attacks on the Eagles website.

Mike...we'll do our best to represent. don't fall in that category. Referring to the ones who deface the memorials, burn the flag, spit in the face of veterans and all other sorts of dispicable acts in the name of free speech that happen all to often in these "peaceful" protests.

The leftist southpaw said...

I appreciate the distinction CT. I should point out, however, that I would never deface a memorial or spit on a veteran, for many reasons. Nor would I ever burn a flag or condone such an action. But the first two actions are in and of themselves criminal (destruction of property, assault), whereas the third is not.

Dirk said...

Cajun, just let us express our speech. That is all we ask. Where did we say we were going to deface the monuments? You guys invented it. I predict their will be clashes but that your side will provoke it.

Cajun Tiger said...

Southpaw...easy distinction to make when comparing your comments with our other guest which according to him little ole me is a nazi, racist and trained military veteran intimidator, and that's just on this thread.

Both of the illegal acts happened with no prosecution at the last protest, so I'm not expecting much less this time around.

However, I just found out that we are expecting snow Friday night and below freezing temps Saturday morning so they can really prove their convictions.

Cajun Tiger said... are more than free to express any speech you like. Do you offer us the same freedom?

Last protest the Capitol building was defaced and an Iraq war veteran who was standing right next to my friend was spit on several times. The proof is on YouTube if you care to see.

Once again I say, we'll just let everyone see who provokes whom. And if your tone on here is any indication of your actions, then I won't be surprised.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Cajun, just let us express our speech. That is all we ask.

No. That is all we ask. It is those on the left who continually shut down conservatives from speaking on college campuses; it's liberal talk show hosts like Montel Williams who drives his agenda to plow through the truth, and presents to a national audience, his twisting of the facts to mold it to an anti-war agenda, as facts.

Where did we say we were going to deface the monuments? You guys invented it. I predict their will be clashes but that your side will provoke it.

Can you provide examples where conservatives have been the provokers? It's the looney left that love to make a spectacle of themselves in protests, engaging in acts of vandalism and anarchy. Not all protestors; but the decent ones, unfortunately, find themselves hamstrung by having as allies, violent, angry anti-war peace fascists.

MonicaR said...

Hey Cajun Tiger - I sure hope that we can meet up. We'll (Grizzly Mama and City Troll) be meeting up with AOW, Steve and Skye.

I have counterprotested these lefty moonbats before. They are incredibly violent and incredibly intolerant of any view that does not lockstep with their own. Signs with an opposing viewpoint - they tear them up. Free Speech? They have no frigging idea what that even means. Last time they were in Wash DC they spray painted the capitol steps. They, along with their green friends, leave tons of trash in their wake. I would not call them patriotic Americans - no way.

Mike's America said...

There are countless recent examples of where leftists have attempted to curtail or deny the same free speech rights they are always squawking about for themselves.

You may recall the recent immigration debates on College Campuses where meetings were brought to a halt by organized left wing groups. The same for recent discussions on terrorism. And let's not forget the episodes where military recruiters were forced to leave campus job fairs because of aggressive protests.

It's not just college campuses either. Readers may recall the Weather Channel babe who said that meteorologists who fail to endorse the theory of manmade global warming should be decertified, which would mean loss of their jobs.

And worse, global warming zealots,are seeking to criminalize viewpoints which diverge from the orthodoxy they are seeking to impose. I have the video from a group in Great Britain who insist that anyone who fails to adopt the correct viewpoint is guilty of the equivalent of a "war crime."

Same is true in this country where radicals from Code Pinko would try President Bush and Vice President Cheney for war crimes.

And what was the Wilson/Plame CIA leak fraud but a massive attempt to punish Bush Administration officials for daring to suggest that Joe Wilson and his wife might have political motivations behind their "Bush lied" story?

Criminalizing political conduct is the very essence of fascist behavior.

And that's something we see every single day coming from the left.

Sieg Heil Dirk!

Cajun Tiger said...

MonicaR...I have as well and it is definitely a sight to behold...will definitely have my camera to record the "peaceful" protesters.

Wordsmith & Mike...all very good examples...none of which they can provide so I'm sure name calling will begin as that is always the default tactic when trumped by facts as proven in some other comment threads today.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

This post by Flag Gazer exemplifies the peaceful tolerance and civility of peace fascists.

Cajun Tiger said...

Dirk...unless you can learn to debate in a civil manner without all the name calling and bad language you are no longer allowed to comment on my site which is why I deleted your last comment.

The leftist southpaw said...

Dirk, allow me to say that on this blog, you get respect if you post with it. It's pretty simple. It is easy to attack someone's views without attacking them as an individual.

Differing opinions does not preclude civility.

MonicaR said...

I am glad to hear that you will be there early. I hope that you have a way of contacting someone in our group. We would love to meet you!

Dirk said...

Leftist Southpaw, you are dreaming. What I left was perfectly reasonable but Cajun doesn't like hearing facts and truth. Fascists don't like actual facts being thrown at them. Cajun obviously wants to curtail my free speech because he had no counter. Good riddance. See y'all out there from the other side. Be ready.

Cajun Tiger said...

For the third time in one week I have to give a lesson on free speech. Gotta love the libs.

Kirk, I can't take away your right to free speech b/c I am not the government. You have no right of free speech on my blog b/c it is my blog and that does nothing to curtail your right to free speech b/c you are free to start your own blog and spout your vitriol to your heart's content.

As Southpaw knows well, I am more than happy to debate with libs as long they obey my only two rules of no offensive language and no personal attacks, especially from anonymous commenters.

As far as your post is concerned you did have some "facts" that were easy to refute but mixed in with name calling and offensive language, both of which as mentioned earlier, I do not tolerate. If you want to try again feel free. Let's see if you are capable of a complete thought without one personal attack and just address the topic.

And as your latest post shows along with all your others, thanks for continuing to prove my point as to who is the aggressor and who is trying to intimidate. What exactly should I be ready for?

Cajun Tiger said...

Grizzly I had to delete your "slip of tongue" on the confusion of dirk's name due to not wanting my neice to ask what that word is =)

But yeah I saw he say to be ready. Surely this nice and "peaceful" protester isn't trying to intimidate little ole us. Nah, can't be. Libs would never do something like that.

Dirk said...

No Cajun, you just bring out Hell's Angels to work your side instead. You were so peaceful out there. Your bikers were blocking off access to the Lincoln Memorial to everyone unless you could prove they were on your side. So much for access for all. This was an act that Nazis would do. It was pathetic but that is what blind minions do. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I suspect Cajun you won't go anywhere near 11 Bravo but more like 38 Alpha. It suits you more I think. Wouldn't want you to get dirty or anything. You might break a nail!

Cajun Tiger said...

Dirk...where do I begin with you. I love how "tough" you are hiding behind an anonymous posting. Still waiting for the link to your blog.

If ya'll could control yourselves on your own and not deface our national monements then heros like the Rolling Thunder crew wouldn't be needed.

Not that I have to explain myself to you one bit but here goes nothing. When I went to the recruiting office, even though I have a college degree, I asked to join as enlisted and my top 3 choices were 96, 97 and 37 b/c most of the research I had done said there were huge needs in those areas. Granted those aren't 11, but they definitely aren't 46 either. (then again I really don't think any MOS is better or worse than the other as they are all required to accomplish the mission!)

The recruiter pretty much refused to let me go in as enlisted and said the need for officers were much greater, so that made me re-evaluate a little b/c I wasn't sure if that was what I wanted. Two months after that meeting was when the opportunity to go to Iraq came up, so I jumped at the opportunity figuring it would help me make my decision as I could see what happened in real life working with the military. I went as a contractor doing 37 type work and learned tons.

While I was in Iraq, I got involved in the chapel on the base and even led one of the Bible studies. During that time the Chaplains expressed the huge need for Chaplains in both Active and Reserves, but mainly Reserves.

So, that led me to start investigating that path, which is where I am now. This month I plan on starting the process of applying to seminary to get my degree and also signing up in Sept with the Reserves who will pay for my degree due to the huge need. Once I finish my degree in 3 years, I'll have a 4 year commitment to the Reserves.

Dirk said...

So you are headed there as a priest?

Cajun Tiger said...

If you mean priest as in the Catholic sense then no...I'll be a non-denominational chaplain. Basically that means I won't have any affiliation with any of the big ones like Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc but I'll be more general for all Christians if that makes any sense.

Dirk said...

I guess that is one way to get out of actually fighting.

Cajun Tiger said...

Yeah Dirk...I'm busted...I'm trying to get out of fighting...yep...that's exactly the case...can't get anything by you.

Way to totally ignore the fact that I tried to join as enlisted but was discourage by the Army from doing that due to need of officers and then saw the even greater need for Chaplains, so I'm answering that call.

Question for you...when did you join and when did you leave the Army?

Keri said...

I've been sitting back reading all these comments and it's been very interesting to see how strong both are for their sides.

I was reading in Proverbs last night in Chapter 18 and came across these scriptures.

Verse 2
Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.
Verse 3
When the wicked arrive, contempt, shame and disgrace are sure to follow.

Does this sound like anyone you know??

BTW, Shane I'm on your side ;) I'm friends with Carole Turner and that is how I found your blog. I read it daily.

Cajun Tiger said...

Keri...thanks for dropping in and please feel free to comment anytime!

It definitely takes a lot in me and lots of prayer to not lash out right back at the vitriol spewed by the likes of people like Kirk who's soul purpose is to try and elicit a fight. I don't always measure up to a standard I'm proud of, but thankfully I have people like you who I know are reading and helps keep me accountable.

Dirk said... couldn't fight yourself out of a wet paper bag!

Cajun Tiger said...

Dirk...still waiting for the address to your blog.