Thursday, October 04, 2007

10 Great Dates Before You Say 'I Do'

Mimi and I found this book about a month or so after we started dating (very cool God story on how we found it but too long for this post) and it is definitely one of the best resources I could ever recommend for dating couples that are considering marriage. It takes you through 10 purposeful dates that guides discussion on topics ranging from communication, handling conflict, finances, family, and several other very important topics.

Unfortunately most married couples never discussed these topics prior to marriage, hence the high divorce rate. The remaining couples don't usually discuss most of these topics very intentionally until the pre-marriage course after they are engaged.

Both of which, in my opinion, are too late. It's obvious why after marriage is too late. However, after engagement is not much better. Once you are engaged, you start making very solid plans for the wedding, start spending non-refundable money, send out announcements, etc. All things that could make it very hard to apply the breaks if something in the pre-marriage course brought up some flags. Most couples will just decide to work it out after they are married, hence again, the high divorce rate.

However, discussing these topics in a very intentional way even before engagement truly gives everyone involved the best chance at making the right decision with as few external pressures as possible. And that is exactly what this book helps you to do.

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