Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can We Have Context Please!!! Part 2

Yesterday, Senator Reid went on the floor of the Senate and demanded an apology of Rush Limbaugh for calling soldiers who oppose the war phony soldiers. Then Senator Harkin (warning...the comments under this post on the lefty site are not child friendly as is usually the case on such sites) follows up with a completely despicable smear saying maybe Rush is high on drugs again. And of course, the MSM sites dutifully reported it as fact as well.

Once again it takes the blog world to set the record straight and put Rush's comments in context. He wasn't talking about all soldiers. He wasn't even talking about soldiers who oppose the war. He was talking about ONE soldier specifically and those like him who fake their military credentials in order to get free medical care or to become darlings of the anti-war left.

On his show he was talking about Jesse Macbeth who became a darling of the anti-war left with his YouTube video claiming he was awarded a Purple Heart in Iraq as a Ranger and all kinds of war atrocities like indiscriminately going into mosques and killing men, women and children while they were praying then burning the bodies and hanging them from the rafters. One problem with this "report"...it never happened. Why? Because he WAS NEVER IN IRAQ. Nor did he even make it out of boot camp so he wasn't even a Ranger as he claimed and definitely never earned a Purple Heart.

And just so you don't think this is just the right wing attacking his claims, he was just sentenced by a court and ABC even did a report on his lies calling him a phony hero. Oh and here is a list of Jesse Macbeth and 7 other phony soldiers being prosecuted for fake stories and claims.

So, now who owes whom an apology? Did any of the news media "reporting" this story call Limbaugh to get the facts straight? Did Reid or Harkin's office call him? No, they didn't. In fact they didn't even need to call him as the whole transcript is on the front page of his site along with all the other relevant facts and transcripts of the real story. Thankfully on the House side, some are working to set the record straight, but it isn't the Dems as apparently they aren't interested in the facts of this story.


Dee said...

I was spitting nails I was so mad about this yesterday. I was literally yelling at the radio, my kids thought their Mom was nuts!!

Bishop "The Spork" Gaines said...

You guys are lucky that you don't live near this Jesse dude when all this went down. I boycotted my local Wendy's for a month because I knew that the punk worked at one locally. Now I'm making up for lost time with the splurge on the Frosty and the double stacks.

You don't know deprivation until you have to live without Wendy's.