Sunday, October 14, 2007

Disappointing Loss

It is very disappointing to lose a game you should have won. I'm not taking anything away from Kentucky as they never gave up and played a very hard fought game to the end. However, in the triple overtime loss, 43-37, LSU repeatedly shot themselves in the foot to make it much easier for Kentucky to stay in the game and eventually win.

Two dropped passes that should have easily been caught would have made a huge difference. The first is the dropped touchdown that would have put LSU up by 20 and most likely would have closed the door. The second is on the last drive of regulation the dropped pass that would have been a first down in much closer field goal range than a 57-yarder.

Then you add on top of that 12 penalties for 103 yards with several of them being extremely dumb penalties that kept Kentucky alive, especially the personal foul in overtime that turned a 2nd and 15 from the 30, to a 1st and 10 from the 15 and several other unnecessary pass interference calls, mainly the one when we were on offense and pushed off that would have put us with a first and goal but instead gave us a 3rd and 18 beyond midfield.

So those and many others are in my view the mental errors that cost us the game we should have won. Now, I can understand them to a point and this isn't me making excuses. This was our 7th game in a row with no off weekend. Four of those seven games were against top 20 teams, with the last two back to back. That will take a huge toll out of any team as evidenced by several injuries as well last night. And now we have to gear up again for another top 20 matchup next weekend against Auburn. This is why the SEC is such a tough conference. We play 3 top 20 teams in a row and they are all in our conference. LSU shouldn't drop much after this loss, but you never know. There are still plenty games left to play and if they regroup, they definitely still have a shot to play for the championship. GEAUX TIGERS!!! =)

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