Thursday, October 25, 2007

Illegal Campaign Contributions to Dems a Pattern?

Much had been said lately of how the Dems are far out raising the Repubs this cycle. Well, as more and more scrutiny is being applied to the Dems donors, more and more questions are coming up as the legality the donations.

Mike over at Mike's America has done a very thorough and comprehensive post on the Chinatown funny money that Hillary is raising. In a nutshell no one can find these supposed dishwashers and busboys who live in some of the poorest areas of NYC yet are contributing several thousand dollars to the Clinton campaign. Read more about it on Mike's blog here.

Now allegations of similar illegal contributions are coming up about Obama. One of the big "praises" of Obama has been how many new first time donors are making donations to his campaign to show he has broad appeal. Apparently he is so popular that even 13, 9, and yes even 2 year olds are contributing $2300 to his campaign. While the SCOTUS struck down the provision that minors can't give, it did say that it must be the minors own earned money, they can't be reimbursed, and they have to make the decision on their own to give the money. While one might make a far stretch to say the 13 and 9 year olds are capable of that, there is no way anyone can argue that for a 2 yr old. Oh and I'm sure it had nothing to do with their wealthy father supporting Obama and trying to find more ways to get around his donation limitations. How many others may be being encouraged to do the same to falsely inflate numbers of donors and amounts raised?

This is just another bad result of the McCain-Feingold restrictions and further proof it needs to be repealed. The answer is not to limit contributions from private citizens but to have full disclosure.

Hat Tip: WSJ's BOTW


Mike's America said...

That 2 year old must get one heck of an allowance!

Where's John McCain? He should have realized by now that the consequence of McCain-Feingold was the so evident corruption we are seeing.

Better to just let anyone give as much as they want but with a strict reporting requirement.

We still don't know who is behind the money being given by those Chinese busboys and diswashers.

Dee said...

Yah, for the 1,000th time McCain-Feingold sucks and I'm continually amazed at what the Dems get away with when it comes to fund raising.