Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Politically Correct Prize

Make a film filled with junk science, extreme exaggerations, and flat out all over the world in a private jet expending tons of unnecessary supposed harmful carbon emissions...make sure your gas and electric bill in your supersized mansion is one of the highest in the state...create a shell organization to sell "carbon credits" that you profit from the ignorance of those who buy them from absolutely nothing that will in any way effect the cyclical climate of the planet...and you too can win a Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore. So sad!

Than again maybe he won it because he was "out standing in his field" like Boudreaux and Thibodaux hope to do one day. If you have never heard me tell that joke, ask next time you see me...I'll do it in full Cajun accent for ya =)


Dee said...

I'm getting ready to post on this as well. If Jimmy Carter and Terrorist Yasser Arafat can get it, we should not be surprised to see the likes of Al Gore getting it.

Bishop "The Spork" Gaines said...

The Nobel Peace Prize is more political than the other category. The committee probably realized that the global warming thing is coming apart at the seams, but still wanting to give it some kind of legitimacy so they give the prize to its most outspoken advocate.

Just not to convincing anymore about the "peace" category of the prize.

Mike's America said...

The only people who actually bring REAL PEACE are the U.S. military.

And the socialist appeasers who make up the Nobel Committee will never recognize their sacrifice.

Al Gore spends his time making oodles of cash from Google and flying around in private jets living a five star lifestyle and he's hailed as a peacemaker?

What a bunch of crap!

Next time the Germans invade Norway, I say we let them keep it.

Shannon W. said...

I must remind Mike that violence (even justified violence) cannot be construed as peace . By definition, peace would mean a lack of violence (even warranted violence), and thus we really can't call our soldiers 'peacemakers'. Yes, they are doing a lot of good, but creating peace is not one of them. When you put a bullet in someone else's head (even if it is a bad guy), there is no way that can be defined as peace (ie, a lack of violence). Seeing video of a bullet tearing through a skull will convince anyone and everyone that shooting will never be confused with peaceful action.

the true PeaceMaker is Jesus Christ and it is His Ambassadors, namely missionaries, that bring REAL PEACE with the work of the Holy Spirit.

again, here me- I am saying yes our soldiers are doing some good, but we in no way can call their actions peaceful. Violence usually just begets more violence, and even if it reduces overall violence in the long run, it's still violence itself. No matter how you justify it, or what long term view you take, no one can deny that shooting someone or blowing someone up is not peaceful. It's the definition of the word. Please keep that mind.

Mike's America said...

Oh get off it Shannon. The peacemakers are those who bring peace and end violence and injustice.

That to me is the U.S. military.

And it's also a perfect description of living a Christ centered life:

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13

Ask a soldier what that means in case you are confused.

Shannon W. said...

I'm not denying the Scriptural right for a justified war; there are a number of verses that show God allows governments to go to war to destroy evil.

All I'm saying is that war can never be confused with peace. Peace by definition is a lack of violence. Period. So if someone uses violence to stop violence, God may allow that, but it does not mean they are peace makers.

So support our soldiers, yes! Call them peace makers, no. Please keep the two issues separate. Soldiers are God's tool to fight evil; missionaries are God's tool to promote peace and Christ.

What I'm saying is that God may allow violence, but He never calls that peace. He doesn't confuse the two. So I don't believe you can say the US military are peace keepers; they are instead warriors who fight for evil and die for those they love. If they were peaceful, they wouldn't fight.

So honor soldiers for their justified violence and respect missionaries for the love and peace they bring through service and the Good Gospel. And recognize the difference.