Monday, October 29, 2007

Say It Ain't So G.I. Joe

Leave it to Hollywood to continue to do whatever they can to continue to strip all pride and honor from American culture and traditions, especially anything that portrays the US military in a positive light. They are apparently making a G.I. Joe movie for summer '09, but he will no longer be the, "Real American Hero." In order to not offend the international audiences who may not like such a pro-American soldier flick, they are changing him to an international operations team member based out of Brussels and changing G.I. JOE to mean Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity...isn't that just the epitome of politically correct hogwash!

Their defense is that G.I. Joe is just a toy. Well, tell that to the Marines, most of whom died, that held Guadalcanal in WWII to turn the tide against the Japanese in which G. I. Joe was originally based off of whether their sacrifice meant nothing and can just be tossed aside for political correctness in order to make a few more bucks internationally.


Mike's America said...


The only action that ever came out of Brussels is the gas you get after eating Brussel Sprouts.

Typical politically correct crap!

Jean Ohlerking said...

Yeah, those G. I. Joe toys were made in honor of the real heros. I certainly hope their movie fizzles. Why do they want to make the USA look bad to the rest of the world? Where in the world would they live where they'd have our freedoms? This is so crazy--I'm sick and tired of the media using our "free speech" to make us look rotten.