Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That Answers a LOT of Questions

Kucinich admits during the Democratic debate that the claim in Shirley MacLaine's new book that he saw a UFO and heard direction in his heart from them is true, yet he still has the nerve to question Bush's mental sanity and is still allowed on stage at a Democratic debate for President of the United States???


Carolina Conservative said...

cajun - it's funny i was having the exact same thought when I heard his comment. it's like all the MSM implying Pres. Bush is stupid! How stupid do you have to be to believe that anyone stupid could rise to become the leader of the greatest nation on earth. unbelievable.

by the way, in case you forget, I am your trusted insurance advisor back here in states, reading your blog and appreciating what you do. i don't have much time to read or comment but your blog is awesome and always right on.

take care, i love you quarters also. hope your home base is being cared for back in the states.


Dee said...

As someone else pointed out Kucinich and Ron Paul are 2 of the biggest nut jobs and yet they question Bush's mental status, huh?????? Beyond ridiculous.

This is one of the times you just consider the source and move on.

Rob N. said...


Do you know of some ordeal with Ron Paul that is similar to Kucinich's delusional UFO encounter?

...or is he just a nut job (in your opinion) because you disagree with his Constituionalist views?


Dee said...

It has to do with the fact that he embraces and is supported by every conspiracy group out there:

Cajun Tiger said...

The link didn't come through, but here is it is again:

Rob N. said...


I read the article and it was an informative read.. However, it doesn't state that Paul embraces these conspiracy groups. More so that they are drawn to him. Just as they are drawn to someone like Buchanan.

If any liberals are drawn to the Paul campaign, they're not truly liberal. He is the most conservative candidate running for President.