Thursday, October 11, 2007

Religious Holiday = Killing People?

If you skate on over to Nancy's blog you will see we had another rocket attack last night and a much worse one than last time (2 US Soldiers killed and nearly 40 injuries due to 6 rockets and 8 mortars fired at our base). I had the same question as Nancy. What does it say about your religion when on one of its holiest days (the day that Mohammad supposedly received the first words of the Koran) you "celebrate" by killing people? It would be the same as Christians going out and murdering people on Christmas or Easter in order to "celebrate."

Please keep everyone here in your prayers a little more intentionally than usual over the next couple of days as Ramadan ends today and tomorrow as the attacks will likely increase due to their month of fasting being over and it is time to once again "celebrate."


The Youngs said...

i dont often promise i will pray, due to feeling guilty when i forget, but i promise you, i will be intentionally praying for you guys this week. i could never thank you enough for what you are doing for our country. i won't forget you guys.

FeatherIron said...

I will pray, for you group specificly, to have safety. I will continue to be an advocate for prayer for that country.

Did you know that my friend Summer, her dad is from Iraq. Between you being there and reading your stuff and talking to her, that is why I pray daily for Iraq.

I hope more people pray for you and that country. We are at war and people need to realize that a situation like that, needs to be covered especially, with prayer.

be safe!

smile-n-cajan said...

i'm glad you are ok! Please come home safe! LOVE YA LOTS =)

Dee said...

Praying for ya!!

Cajun Tiger said...

Thanks everyone...the next three nights (sat-mon) are going to be the nights with the most potential for chaos due to the "celebration."