Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Instant Classic

There are many things you just take for granted in life: the sun will rise, water is wet, the sky is blue, etc. Another of those things if you are an LSU or Auburn fan is that when these two teams meet, no matter rankings or what point in the season, it will a battle to the end. Last night's game was definitely no exception with LSU's last second touchdown to win 30-24 over Auburn.

Both teams fought the entire game, and it ended up being the tale of two halves. The first half Auburn outscored LSU 17-7, but the second half, which is always LSU's strength due to its depth, LSU outscored Auburn 23-7. Once again I don't think it should have been so close were it not for several key dropped passes again. I said at the beginning of the season that the one area that could hurt us is a very young and untested receiver corp. I'm definitely glad Doucet is back and healthy as he proved with his game leading 93 yards and key catches.

Next week LSU gets a very much deserved and very much needed weekend off. Then it's back to the grind on the road with ANOTHER top 25 (6th of the year so far) team versus Alabama (assuming they move up to the rankings after beating Tennessee and don't lose next weekend). Get ready for 2 weeks of Saban hype!!!

Now that I've finished the official game analysis I have a funny TII (This Is Iraq) story to go along with the game. The last couple of weeks I've been watching the game with a group of guys who have a sweet setup between their trailers (I promised a pic and I'll try to get one soon). This week I decided I just wanted to have a quiet watching at my office. Well all was going fine for the first half. At halftime I walked to the chow how to grab some breakfast (it is so weird to say breakfast at halftime but that is what happens when the game starts at 4am).

About 2 minutes into the 2nd half, the electricity goes out. It is a semi-regular occurrence, due to the heat and dust that puts huge strains on the generators, and is usually back in a couple of minutes. After waiting 10 minutes and still nothing, I quickly take the hike to the place I had been watching the previous weeks to catch the rest of the game there. I get there and the place is empty b/c no electricity there either (apparently it was a little bigger issue than normal, but still not that out of the ordinary). So, I walk all the way back (about 45 minutes round trip) and still nothing when I get back. Going a little nuts at this point b/c the game was so close, I started an every 10 minutes phone call to my brother for updates.

So, I missed the entire comeback and win!!! Such is life in a war zone. I am happy I have any opportunity to watch at all, so I'll get over it =)

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Shannon W. said...

if you get the chance to watch the game in its entirety, take it! it was incredible. plus you'll get to see three very lucky breaks for LSU in the final minutes: 1) the miscall by the refs when LSU didn't have the required number on the line of scrimmage on the play Hester scored his touchdown, 2)Auburn's choice to squib the kick and kick it short for LSU to have great field position in the final minute and 3) the ref's generous placing of the ball (about a foot) to give LSU a first down during their final drive (a correct call would have been fourth and a foot).

it was an incredible game all around!