Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Installment #4 - Great Iraq News You Won't See in MSM

Stop the presses!!! There are forces in Iraq that aren't American, British or Aussie! This article which is an open letter to the US from an El Salvadorian Major is a must read! To bad all of America didn't receive his letter as he would have hoped. Here is just a small portion of it:

The reason I volunteered is simple: there is a country in need. These people are going through a terrible burden. As you probably know, my country suffered for 12 years, going through that terrible cycle in our history. My country needed a helping hand, and your country, the United States, gave us that helping hand.

I think that if we can give just a small token of that solidarity back to that friend, it is so very worth it. So I know the feeling and if I can heal some of that, then count me in. If I had to come again, I surely would.

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Dee said...

Thanks for keeping us updated about the good news since the Drive By Media won't.