Thursday, November 08, 2007

Giuliani Scores Major Endorsement

While most endorsements are overrated, the endorsement of Pat Robertson for Rudy Giuliani is HUGE for his chances of earning the Republican nomination. It will help to shore up his weak right flank due to social issues. I'm sure there will still be many social conservatives who will not support him in the primary but will now be less apprehensive of supporting him in the general.

An example of an endorsement that carries very little weight is Brownback's endorsement of McCain. McCain's pro-life credentials were never in question, so this does nothing more than restate the obvious that McCain is the most pro-life candidate of the top-tier candidates.


Cajun Huguenot said...

Pat Robertson is a flake and I dont think this will help Rudy with the non-flake Christian social conservatives.

If Rdy does get the GOP nod he will have to pick a serious social conservative to really cover his right flank.


Cajun Tiger said...

I don't know Kenith. Robertson has weighed into the last few primaries before any consensus was formed, and his candidate has been the winner every time. I think definitely still holds a lot of sway, especially with the older generation conservatives who are much more likely to vote in primaries. We'll see, but if Rudy does win the nomination, this will definitely, imho, be one of the reasons why.

I do agree that he should pick a very solid social conservative as his running mate if he does win the nomination to further show that social conservatives will have a seat at his table.

Mike's America said...

Brownback is supposed to be here on Monday. If I see him, maybe I'll ask him about the Robertson endorsement.

P.S. I haven't heard from your friend in New York.