Friday, November 23, 2007

Installment #11 - Great Iraq News FROM the MSM

Not to be out done by the NYTimes, the WashPost now has its own story of how much safer it is in Iraq with people returning by the 1000s daily. Of course, just like the NYTimes, they leave lots of room open to change back to negative on a dime and just barely give any credit to the surge. Once again, I'll take what I can get and keep hoping for more.

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Mike's America said...

Having ignored every bit of good news for the last 4 years the lamestream "news" media finally had to report the good news.


Probably because there IS no bad news!

Even Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's insistent claim that the "surge is a failure" is met with laughter from nearly everyone but the crowd!

The question now is: Will voters recall who stood by VICTORY when the going was tough and reward them with the reigns of power to proceed?