Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From Camp Victory

In 33 years this was my first Thanksgiving away from home. Not only was I not home, I wasn't even in the US due to being in the giant sandbox. Thankfully though the military went all out to make our Thanksgiving here on Camp Victory as special as possible. Here is a little taste of our Thanksgiving dinner.

The Menu

Normally the servers are TCN's (Third Country Nationals), but today we were served by senior officers and senior NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers). It was cool to be served turkey by a two star general =)

Following is a few pics of the decorations and food served sometimes both:

Can't have Thanksgiving without a cornucopia!

One of the decorations that caused many passerbys to ask why was there a Church for Thanksgiving. I guess they forget that the Pilgrims came for religious freedom and I also wonder who they think the Pilgrims were saying thanks to on the first thanksgiving!

I guess they were trying to help us feel like we were home b/c definitely nothing like this over here =)

Have no idea what a dragon has to do with Thanksgiving. Guess someone just wanted to show off their creative abilities.

While I was bummed to miss my first Thanksgiving at home, I still have plenty of things to be thankful for. Here is just a short list:

-Christ giving His life so that after I asked Him to come into my life and forgive my sins I can now spend eternity with Him in Heaven
-An awesome family that is so supportive of me and everything I do
-An absolutely amazing g/f that I love so much and can't wait to see in 22 days, 14 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds =)
-Living in a country that allows me to worship Christ without fear of persecution
-All the many military members who are here in Iraq and Afghanistan for their sacrifice for our freedoms
-Great friends who are always there when I need them
-Everyone who has and continues to pray for me while I'm here in the giant sandbox
-All my blog readers for putting up with all my ranting and raving =)

Hope everyone has a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving with us. Hope it was great and glad you are going to get to see Mimi soon.

Flag Gazer said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures - we do keep you - all of you - in our daily prayers!!!

Mike's America said...

Some of those decorations were a bit odd. But it's great that people made an all out effort to celebrate the holiday.

Thanksgiving always ranks right up there with Christmas and the 4th of July for me.

Glad you were able to celebrate it so far from home.

kayne said...

Wish I was there. That's LOTS of food, and goodies. :D

Missed you here, but your better half was here with us. :D