Saturday, November 17, 2007

Inaugural Camp Victory Water Bottle Raft Race

Today was the Inaugural Camp Victory Water Bottle Raft Race featuring Nancy and Dan. Follow the race below.

The Announcement

Nancy's Craft

Dan's Craft

The Crowd Gathers

Dan and Nancy With Their Crafts

Nancy Launches


Dan Launches

A Little Shaky at First But...Success

Nancy takes the early lead

Nancy's lead becomes insurmountable

The crowd cheering...actually they were waiting to see who would fall

Nancy makes it to halfway point and Dan abandons his paddle due to faulty design and goes with the dog paddle method hoping to make up ground

Nancy in the home stretch...Dan almost to halfway point

Dan makes it to halfway point...FINALLY =)

The Winner

The Loser...or as Dan preferred...the Silver Medalist

Fun times for all!


Mike's America said...

Looks like Nancy had the more stable and robust platform, hence her ability to make better time.

Dee said...

Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Flag Gazer said...

This is great!! Thanks!

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...Nancy may have still won, but it would have been closer if Dan had a better paddle. He couldn't get any movement after three stokes and it broke.

Mike's America said...

Dan's craft certainly seems a model of precision bottle placement.

But I would award Nancy the Gold Neptune Trident for adding the American Flag to her craft.

The only question I have is: Shane, where is your craft?

Cajun Tiger said...

ha ha...i have no engineering skills whatsoever which is why i'm in politics =)

Mike's America said...

You could lash about half a dozen Democrats together.... But they sink rather than swim.