Sunday, November 25, 2007

History Lesson for the Dems

As is usually the case, the Dems ( least the two frontrunners for nomination for President) are taking their cues from the MSM's shift that the good news in Iraq can no longer be ignored. Now that things are starting to turn around in Iraq, they realize they have to shift their focus or risk being seen as weak. They are now slowly starting to lessen their shrieks of "the war is lost" and changing to criticising the political changes on the ground for not happening fast enough. Don't worry though they aren't giving the President any credit for the surge actually working to make a more secure nation in order to now allow the government of Iraq to focus on governance issues.

So, let's give the Dems a little lesson in history. How long did it take the revolutionary forces to defeat the British, stand up a stable government and elect a President?

First shot was fired in April 1775 and the Treaty of Paris was officially signed in January 1784, ending the war. The final draft of the Constitution was signed September 1787 and officially ratified in July 1788. The first Presidential election was held in February 1789 and in April 1789, George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States of America.

By my count that is nearly 9 years of war, then over 4 years before a central government was fully stood up, and then almost another year before the first election. That is a total of 14 years from first shot fired to first President. By those numbers, Iraq is well ahead of pace as it hasn't even been 5 years yet since the first shots were fired and they already have a constitution and a President despite still being in the middle of a fight for their lives. They also have received no help from the Dems, but in fact the Dems' actions have helped the enemy over and over as I've discussed before due to the enemy using the words and actions of the Dems in their propaganda to keep the Iraqis in fear thus slowing progress on all levels.

When this war is won and Iraq has a stable government, both of which can happen if things are kept in their proper perspective, the Dems will try as hard as they can to take some credit, but they will get none!

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