Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The World According to the NYTimes

Welcome to the bizzaro world of the NYTimes. It is a world where only bad news about President Bush is printed, but none of the good news. Case in point the recent Australian election. In order to show that the whole world is rebuking the President, they point out that this is just the latest also pointing to political changes in Spain and England. However, they completely ignore the elections in France, Germany and Canada, all three of which have elected stronger supporters.

They also don't even report accurately on the election, plenty of which had absolutely nothing to do with Bush or America or Iraq. They make the claim that the new PM will remove Australia's 500 troops. However, the truth is they are only talking about removing the 500 combat troops currently here, not all the troops as the report says. And they wonder why they are accused of liberal bias!


Cajun Huguenot said...

The good news is that these people no longer have monopolistic control over what we see, hear and read in the news.

They are as baised as ever, but they no longer have the some power to control what news we can access.

Coram Deo,

Cajun Tiger said...

Very true Kenith...btw...I hope you don't mind but i "stole" your sign off line and use it now for my emails. I had seen you use it a couple of times and finally took the time to look it up and loved it!

Cajun Huguenot said...

I borrowed it from another also.
I think its great.


Mike's America said...

This may be just the most visible sign that we are winning the war on terror. Just like Churchill in 1945 the people of Australia felt confident enough in their security to change horses and pick the Labor Party.

To say this is a rebuke of Bush and our Iraq policy is way past stretching the truth.

And to suggest that Blair left after his record term in office because of Iraq and support of Bush is just STUPID!