Sunday, November 11, 2007

Undisputed #1 Again!!!

Thanks to the Fighting Illini knocking off Ohio St. 28-21, LSU is once again ranked #1 after their blowout of LA Tech 58-10. While they started slow like always and still had some very sloppy plays, they were way too much for the Bulldogs.

Now of course I can already hear the complaints from the Kansas fans as to why they aren't even in the top 2 much less not #1 being they are undefeated and LSU, Oregon and Oklahoma each have one loss. All I have to say is try playing more than one ranked team in your first 10 games then let's talk. If they beat Missouri and then go to the Big 12 Championship game and beat Oklahoma (both very big ifs) then I'd give them props for the #2 slot above Oregon but still not #1 above LSU.

Here's why. If they win out, including the SEC Championship game, LSU will have played 7 top ranked teams (possibly 8 if Arkansas jumps up with a win next weekend), beating 6 (or 7) of them and losing in triple overtime to only 1 of them. Oregon has only played 3 and the PAC-10 doesn't have a championship game, so they have no more ranked teams on their schedule. Oklahoma has only played 2 with one more potential left in the Big 12 Championship game and their loss was to an unranked team. Kansas, as shown above, has only played one top 25 to date with two more potential ones down the road. West Virginia only has 2 so far with 1 left.

All that to say if LSU wins out there is no doubt that they should be the #1 team going into the Sugar Bowl due to strength of schedule alone.


FeatherIron said...

GEAUX Tigers!

Brandon Buckner said...

Props to LSU, but i'm afraid they still have a long road ahead. As does my team, the Sooners. If we go to Texas Tech and win, handle Oklahoma St. at home, and beat at top 5 Missouri or undefed Kansas in the big X11 title game, we deserve to be in NoLA.

Cajun Tiger said...

Brandon...I agree that if OU wins out they should jump Oregon.

Rob N. said...

Come on... We want to see Kansas vs. Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl, playing for the National Championship.... Then we will all be able to DEMAND at least a 4 team play-off.

I think Kansas should be #3 only because OU lost to Colorado. But, it will all work itself out once the Big 12 championship happens.

CT, How do you rank the conferences? I'd say SEC, PAC-10, Big 12, ACC, Big 10, Big East...

That should start a ruckus...

Shannon W. said...

CT, how do you feel about playing Georgia, who is hot right now, in Atlanta for the SEC championship? LSU already handled Florida and I feel confident they'd take Tennessee to the tool shed. But a hot Georgia team, in Georgia, could be a challenge.

Shannon W. said...

I'd like to see:

LSU vs MISSOURI (Mizzou is under-respected this year)
MICHIGAN vs OREGON (I want to see Hart, Henne and Manningham win on a great rematch)
VIRGINIA TECH vs WEST VIRGINIA (imagine the crowd in this game!)
OKLAHOMA vs ILLINOIS (this might happen if USC and Az St both lose one more each)
GEORGIA vs HAWAII (I think Hawaii can beat GA)

Emily said...

No disrespect to my Green Wave, but I have to admit that LSU rocks this year. I really enjoy watching them play and I can only imagine all the drunk cajuns in New Orleans when they play in the national championship. lol!

Nick said...

SEC, this year, is by far the strongest conference. In previous years, I'd say the PAC-10 was making a good run.

The Big 10 has to be the most overrated football conference in the nation. We all saw what happened to "powerhouse" Ohio State last year in the NC Game.

Then again, an 8 month lay-off will do that to you. The NCAA mandates that in order to play a conference championship game, your conference has to have at least 12 teams. Obviously the Big TEN, only has ten teams, same with the PAC-10. Not having the extra game has to hurt if you're playing a late bowl season game.

But again, anyone who really thought Ohio State was the true #1 team in the country this season hasn't been watching college football.

Cajun Tiger said...

Rob...I agree with your order except I'd say PAC-10 and Big 12 would be tied versus second and third.

Shannon...yeah, I'd much rather play Tennessee right now especially after how they played versus Vandy. I'd have to disagree with Hawaii beating Georgia, but it would be a fun game to watch. A few other of your prediction definitely went down the drain after yesterday's games. need to be careful...even mentioning that team could be grounds for banning =)

Nick...totally agree