Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Installment #7 - Great Iraq News You Won't Find in MSM

Thanks to a tip from an Iraqi citizen, US forces found a cache of over 150 future EFPs, Explosively Formed Penetrators, which are more deadly than normal IEDs. More and more tips are coming in every day as the citizens, who continue to tire of the brutality of the extremist, are seeing the results of turning them over to US forces. This is great news and continues to show the tide is turning in all areas of Iraq.


Dee said...

Awesome!! Bill O'Reilly called Bill Moyers a pinhead last night for refusing to admit how well the war in Iraq is now going.

Flag Gazer said...

great news - !!!!

Mike's America said...

The lefties are still denying Ronald Reagan had anything to do with winning the Cold War. You know they're never going to admit that things are going well in Iraq.

In Iraq, just like the Cold War they are on the WRONG side of history! And they NEVER want to be held accountable in the way they daily demand of all of us.