Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trying to Have It Both Ways

Only in Congress can such a completely insane idea can be born. The Dems are trying to push through the new S-CHIP program. In its original form, it provided health care for poor kids. Well, the new Dem version attempts to define as "kids" up to 21 years old and defines poor up to $90K annual income. Then how do they say they will pay for the billions of dollars needed to cover this new government handout...raise taxes on cigarettes. Hasn't it been the Dems who have for years been doing everything in their power to stop people from smoking??? Well to pay for this new socialized medicine precursor, they will need 22 million new smokers by the year 2013 in order to continue to pay for it. Only in Congress!!! But of course as always they don't plan to participate as they are trying to once again pass another law banning smoking in all Senate buildings.

There is a hilarious video up on YouTube called Do Your Part that I wanted to post on here, but for some reason I'm having issues with posting from YouTube, so check out it here on Mike's post on the same topic.

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Mike's America said...

The video is a hoot!

Light up! Remember, it's for the children!