Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leave Musharraf Alone...Warning...Coulter Alert!!!

I've been watching the news coming out of Pakistan and trying to decide how I feel about it and what my reaction should be. I read Coulter's weekly email this morning and it completely captured my feelings of how the US should react and handle the situation albeit not quite in the style I would have expressed it. So take a read but be is full on Coulter in all her liberal bashing glory.


Nick said...

I don't trust Musharraf one iota.

Mike's America said...

I forget who had this line: "If you overthrow Musharraf, you'll get instead the men with the beards."

You trust the Ayatollahs more Nice?

Great line in the Coulter piece:

"What's not to like about a guy who orders policemen to beat up lawyers? I bet he has a good plan on illegal immigration, too."

Oliver North also had a commentary this week where he points out that 80,000 people marched in the streets of Caracas to protest the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez and we didn't hear a peep about it.

Chavez hates America so the "news" media isn't too eager to hightlight how hated he is in Venezuela. Musharraf is America's ally so of course he has to go.

How STUPID is that?

Nick said...

Hasn't Pakistan forbidden to allow us to go into their country and get Bin Laden?

Musharraf is our ally because he has to be. Of course he's better than the Ayatollahs, and I'm not saying he should be removed. I'm just saying I don't trust him, and I'm willing to bet deep inside, our military leaders don't either.

Cajun Tiger said...

Nick...I'd definitely agree that the military leaders are keeping a very very close eye on him, but the main thing in the article for me was that we don't want another Iran which is exactly what we will get if the liberals get their way again on this like they did in '79.