Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CajunTiger's Presidential Endorsement

As I have said on here several times, I take all high profile endorsements with a grain of salt because they rarely amount to anything when it comes to actual support. With that in mind, knowing my endorsement means even less, it's time for me to weigh in on who I'm supporting and why. My criteria is someone who has proven leadership, understands the times we are in, has a proven track record, a conservative, and is electable.

First, I'll go through the candidates I'm not supporting and why. The order is in reverse, from least favorite to most favorite.

All Democrats: It doesn't matter who the eventual Republican nominee will be, as I have done in the past, I publicly pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. Any effort to support a third party candidate if your Repub nominee isn't chosen is extremely shortsighted and flat out dangerous.

There is not one Dem who understands the threat we face as a nation post 9-11, nor how to confront that threat in order to keep us safe. There is not one Dem who understands the huge damage tax increases will cause to the economy. There is not one Dem who understands how national healthcare will cripple the health care industry. For those reason and many many more, there is not one Dem in this race I can support.

Ron Paul: There is a lot that I like about Dr. No. He is hands down one of the most fiscally conservative and strict constitutional constructionist in Congress. However, he is flat out wrong on foreign policy. His isolationist policy is not what is needed, especially now. For that reason, I cannot support him.

Mitt Romney: He is a great business mind and would be a great manager. I just don't see him as a leader, and I just don't trust him. He has flipped on way too many issues that he needed to flip on to have any chance. For someone to say he is to the left of Ted Kennedy in one election and then say he is a conservative in another one doesn't pass the smell test.

Mike Huckabee: He says all the right things. He has all the trappings of someone I should love. In fact, he was my first choice for quite awhile. That is until he made it to the top tier and his record as Governor starting surfacing. As much as some are saying that Rudy would destroy the Republican party, Huckabee might be closer to that possibility. He is a big government supporter in the clothes of compassionate conservatism. He raised taxes way too much. His in-state tuition for illegal aliens was not smart. His pledge to ban smoking nationwide is nanny state government to the max. And one of his biggest faults in my book is his embracing of manmade global warming with all the government regulations that go along with it. He says most of the right things, but his track record says otherwise. He is also extremely weak on foreign policy as his latest gaffes on Pakistan have proved.

John McCain: I have a lot of respect for McCain. He paid a high price to serve our nation. However, he has been wrong on too many issues. Just to name a few: campaign finance, illegal immigration, gang of 14, waterboarding, and several others.

Fred Thompson: He is good on nearly every issue, campaign finance not being one of them. He would be very easy to support. However, he does absolutely nothing for me. He has no drive that I can see. He has no passion that I can see. And this isn't just in his presidential run. Talk to staffers on the Hill and they will tell you that was exactly the same when he was Senator. He was always a very consistent vote, but never lead or did much of anything other than vote right.

Duncan Hunter: There is only one issue that I disagree with Hunter on and that is his stance against free trade. Other than that, he is hands down the candidate that is the closest to my positions on all issues. However, he just has done nothing to raise his profile. I don't know if it is a personality issue or a campaign staff issue, but either way he has remained in the bottom tier and won't win the nomination. I really hope he gets a high cabinet position, Sec Def, to raise his profile for the future.

So, if you are keeping tabs, that only leaves on candidate.

Rudy Giuliani:

1. He has a very proven track record. What he did to turn around NYC, a city labeled as ungovernable, is remarkable. From crime capital of the country to the safest large city is nothing to shake a stick at.

2. He is a proven leader. His handling of 9-11 was just what the city and country needed. He isn't labeled America's Mayor for nothing.

3. He understands the times. He has been very involved on multiple levels of facing the reality of the threat we face. He will not pander and will not care who likes us or not. His first priority, as all Presidents should be, will be to keep us safe.

4. He is a conservative. I know this is the area he gets hit on the most. However, social issues are only one of the planks of the Republican party. On taxes, on states' rights, on foreign policy, on size of federal government, on immigration, judges he has a proven record of being a conservative.

On the one plank, social issues, he is weak on, his support of states' rights and strict constructionist judges takes care of that for me. It is because of liberal judges that we have abortion on demand. It is because of liberal judges, we have gay marriage in a few states. It is because of liberal judges, that prayer in school and the ten commandments are ruled as unconstitutional. Giuliani has pledged judges in the mold of Scalia, Thomas and Roberts, and because he hasn't flipped on the social issues just to appease the base, I trust him to stay true on that commitment as well.

For people like Dr. Dobson to say that if he is the nominee they will go third party is ridiculous. All that will do is hand the election over to the Dem. That is so dangerous, especially post 9-11. One of the arguments they use is that we survived 8 years of a Clinton already and we can do it again. The problem with that theory is that Bill just wanted everyone to like him, and so he completely followed the polls and voted that way. Hillary is a true believer in all of the socialist agenda tenets and will fight to see every single one of them enacted. We can't take that chance, especially if we don't win back Congress. If Dobson were to hold the standard he is holding Giuliani to, he would have not voted for Reagan due to his support of abortion as governor of California. I have a feeling, back in 1980, he was a very strong supporter of Reagan as he should be a supporter of Giuliani over any of the Dems.

5. He is electable. If Giuliani is the nominee, that immediately puts states like NY, PA, CA and NJ as well as many other blue states in play. I don't think he could win any of them, but he will force the Dem to spend money there that they could use in red states with other nominees.

So far all those reasons and just a gut feeling that he is the right person for the job at this time, I support Rudy Giuliani for President!

Well, that's my two cents. If you want to read another endorsement of Giuliani that is way more elegant than mine, surf on over to Mike's America. Also endorsing on my blogroll: Wordsmith and LMC. If I missed anyone's endorsement of Giuliani, let me know.


Mike's America said...

"way more elegant than mine"


You managed to cover the whole field in few words whereas I went on and on and onnnnnnn...

Now, just one problem: Rudy has GOT to get out there and get back in this game!!!

FeatherIron said...

For me it's Huckabee or Obamah. I am not a hook line and sinker Republican. Especially if it were to come down to Obaham against Guliani, I would vote for Obamah.

I like Guliani but I just don't trust him. I don't think he is completely honest, the affair he had really taints my view of him. It's like Newt, they talk Christian virtues but don't live them, so that bothers me.

I am in the process of reading Obamah's book and it only makes me like him more BUT I still think I would chose Huckabee over Obamah. The things you pointed out that you don't like about him are the things I do like about him. AND he is pro-life, which is still huge to me.

I respect your opinion I just disagree. I also appreciate your willingness to research the candidates, I think no matter who we endorse, we have to know why we like them and believe they should be the leader of our country.

Maybe one day you will be on the hill?

Cajun Tiger said...

Carol (FI). If abortion is an important issue to you I find it very hard to see how you could support Obama. I don't know his personal position, but I can pretty much guess his political position is very pro-choice. And the judges he would appoint will be very liberal which will do major damage to the social issues, especially abortion.

I agree Rudy has some character issues when it comes to his relationships. However, he is very solid on his political positions. I trust him b/c he has had every opportunity to flip on the issues like Romney, but he has stuck with his convictions. If you haven't already, you should watch his speech at the Value Voters summit. If you need the link, let me know.

By all means support Huckabee if that is where you are feeling led. However, if Rudy wins the nomination, I hope you give him a second look.

As far as me being on the Hill, that was the plan at one point, but apparently God has other plans at least for now involving full time missions.

Nick said...

I'm one of those people CT may not like come General Election time. I've already made up my mind that unless they name a VP and/or cabinet ahead of time that wows me, I will NOT vote for Romney or Giuliani. I'll line up with Dobson for a third party.

I'm tired of the same ole "you may not like the R candidate, but if you throw away your vote, the D candidate will be much worse." And now with Hillary Clinton in the race, I hear that same line over and over.

Mike's America said...

Nick: I've heard similar variations on your "my way or the highway" back during the 2006 election.

Some folks were disgusted with the GOP and either didn't vote, or throw their vote away on some no-chance candidate.

I wonder if the are happier with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader?

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. And it's right that we each compromise some in order to win. That's what the political process is all about: bringing people together on the really, REALLY big issues and allowing us to settle our differences on the smaller issues later.

It's either that or a totally balkanized collection of various factions that can't do or win anything.

Your choice Nick!

Ron said...

Guiliani is also my choice simply because is has been steady and unshaken throughout all that this country has endured since 9/11.

He's done a good job in cleaning up New York and he has a proven record on getting things done.

Plus, he would eat Hillary or Obama up in the debates.

FeatherIron said...

I looked back at Obamah's voting record on Abortion and he has always been a no vote on Abortion issues.

He supports legislation that would help lessen that number of abortions.

Guliani is pro-choice also.

I am still researching both Obamah and Huckabee, Guliani is off my radar because like I said, I don't trust him. He may become president, and he may be a great one but right now I don't see him getting my vote.

Nick said...


I'm not happy at all with Pelosi and Reid. Then again, I had Boustany (R-LA) in my district for Louisiana, and pulled the lever for him.

But the simple fact is that probably 85% of the politicians in D.C. are bought and paid for, and don't give a darn about the American people. I see Romney as fitting that role perfectly.

As for Giuliani, I won't vote for someone who basically ran a sanctuary city as mayor, has no REAL experience to lead our country during a war, is pro-choice, and...the point where CT disagrees with Hunter but I agree, Giuliani is another proponent of free trade at all costs, financial or other.

I've heard many Republicans commentators like Sean Hannity tout Giuliani as a "terror warrior." How can one look at the other candidates and honestly say Giuliani fits that bill. His experience is being a prosecutor.

Again, I'll vote for any Republican in the General Election except for Romney or Giuliani. So...I'm not exactly saying "my way or the highway." I am willing to compromise, since I have no choice as my candidate hasn't gotten any traction. But along with Hunter, I would also vote for McCain, Thompson, Paul and Huckabee.

Rob N. said...


1) Congrats on the engagement!
2) Sorry I missed you while you were back in DC...
3) Sorry you are so wrong in your endorsement (imho)

Nick: I have to agree with you...

Thankfully, I think that Giuliani's strategy of avoiding the early states will toss him out of the race.

It is still way too early to tell, but I think that this Huckabee surge really helps John McCain.

And although I hate McCain's stance on immigration, I feel that he has a great shot at winning in November if he gets the nomination, and he is a candidate that I will be able to pull the lever for...

I will not be pulling for Giuliani or Romney.

The leftist southpaw said...

I must say I'm a bit surprised. CT, you are a man who is very serious about Christian values. Rudy cheated on his wife, and has a horrible relationship with his children. Also, considering your views on homosexuality, how do you support a candidate who opposed President Bush's call for a ban on gay marriage?

Rob N. said...


I agree with most of the points that you listed in this thorough post. However you forgot to mention another great third tier candidate, Tancredo.

Although I agree with most of your comments with respect to the candidates, I would have listed them in a very different order.

With regards to your points for the mayor…

1. I agree
2. Agreed
3. Agree
4. Strongly disagree: He is not conservative. He is a liberal. Giuliani donated to Planned Parenthood thoughout the 1990’s; Each time he ran as mayor (1989, 1993, & 1997) he ran with the endorsement of the Liberal Party of NY, never receiving endorsement by the Conservative Party. He is on the wrong side of the debate with respect to: abortion; affirmative action; gay marriage; and gun control.

I believe that your comment with regard to Dobson and the comparison you make of Reagan to Giuliani is very much inaccurate to say the least… some may view it as slanderous.

It is true that Reagan signed a permissive abortion bill in 1967 while only 4 months in office. However, while still governor he expressed regret for that decision and stated that he was pro-life. In 1976, he campaigned as pro-life and received the support of the conservative wing of the party, receiving strong endorsement by Senator Helms. Thus, by the time he received the nomination in 1980 he was a proven pro-life candidate.

That is not at all where Giuliani is at with regards to the abortion issue.

5. Partially agree… although I believe that McCain will be more electable if we’re choosing strictly based on electability

God bless!

Cajun Tiger said...

Nick (comment #1)...they rarely if ever name cabinet positions until after the general so you will only have the VP to use for that. Now to your point of not going with any Repub being better than Clinton or any other Dem, how are they not? Take your issues one by one and compare the leading Repubs with the leading Dems. For example...taxes...every Dem will raise, all Repubs except Thompson has signed no new taxes pledge. When you list out your top 10 or more important issues and compare each side, how are they not better overall? I may do a post like that soon. this point there is no need for me to keep on the issue, after the nominations play out then we can chat more =)

Nick (comment #2)...for all the issues you listed you don't like about Giuliani, even though I don't agree with some of them, every Dem is even further out of line with your beliefs then if you add more issues like I mentioned above, I just don't understand how handing the election to any of the the Dems helps us overall. And also as I know illegal immigration is a major issue for you as you point out about Rudy, McCain may even be worse on that issue.

Rob (comment #1)...thanks and sorry we missed ya'll too. See you in September =) As I said with Carol, I'll wait to gear up for those arguments after everything plays out with the nominees. Now I'm fine with everyone voting for whichever Repub they like. Once the nominees are chosen I'll start making the other argument even stronger if needed.

Southpaw...I'll have to go back and read the post but I'm pretty sure I said I recognize his personal faults, but it is his proven track record of governing that is in line with the way I would like to see the next President govern is why I'm supporting him.

As far as him being against Bush's call for a federal amendment to ban gay marriage, I have no problem with that b/c I disagreed as well as I've stated on here and I think on your site in the past as well. What Rudy has said and I completely agree with, it is a state issue not a federal one. The point that would change for me and Rudy has said the same is that if ever one state was forced to recoginze the gay marriage of another state by the Defense of Marriage Act being overturned, then I would fully support a push for a Constitutional amendment.

Rob (comment #2)...agreed on 4 out of 5 is not take those same categories and measure them against any of the Dems and let me know how handing them the election helps?

On the one issue you disagreed with those are all social issues except for guns. Being a conservative is way more than just being a social conservative. But as I said on the social issues as well as gun issue, while I disagree with his personal beliefs, his position is that they are state issues and not federal issues and that the will be most effected by Judges as I also addressed. Those are the reasons I can still support him even though I disagree with his personal beliefs.

As far as the Reagan analogy I know it was a stretch and you are right in your rebut, but I was just trying to make the point that no one is 100% pure, some less so than others but as Reagan said, my 80% friend is not my 100% enemy.

Cajun Tiger said...

Oh and Rob...the reason I didn't mention Tancredo is because he had already dropped out of the race when I did the post.

Rob N. said...


I would like to know if you think that Giuliani's strategy of waiting until FL and the other big states is brilliant? or incredibly risky?

I suppose that we will not be able to tell until Super Tuesday...

Glad you're doing well...

Cajun Tiger said...

Rob...I think it is incredibly risky as it has never been done before. However there are a couple of dynamics that help him to possibly pull it off.

The first is that extremely short timeframe. In one month we go from Iowa to Super Tuesday with NH, SC and FL in the middle. In the past, this has been much longer. That will play to his advantage.

The second is the big field of contenders on the Repub side. Even after Iowa, there are still 4 candidates (I think Thompson is done) who have a very legit shot at the nomination. Huckabee I believe is the only one that might have the potential to sweep the states before Super Tuesday. If he were to do that, then Rudy would be done, however if they split all the early states like they probably will, then that gives Rudy's strategy a shot.

But I'm not that worried about it b/c as I've said, while I do support Rudy, if the strategy ends up not working, I will just as vigorously support whoever the eventual nominee is. I just think he is the best for the job and has the best chance of winning in November.

On the Dem side, if Clinton is starting to prepare for a similar strategy as some seem to be suggesting, I think she has less of a chance especially if Obama continues to roll through NH and SC which he very likely could.

No matter what ends up happening, this has definitely been an extremely fun process that we will not likely see again anytime soon with so wide open on both sides.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

If you want to read another endorsement of Giuliani that is way more elegant than mine, surf on over to Mike's America.

Pfft...mine was elegant in its lack of substance and saturation in simplicity.

Cajun Tiger said...

my bad Wordsmith...unfortunately I haven't been able to surf most of my blogs lately and I missed your endorsement...I'll add it now =)

Dee said...

Great post!!! I'm in the middle right now of crafting mine and knew that I should check and see if you'd gotten yours up yet. I'll be linking ya!!