Thursday, January 10, 2008

Installment #13 - Great Iraq News

Being the MSM media is no longer reporting anything about Iraq, I just wanted to let ya'll know that yes we are still here and yes things are still going good and getting better every day. Here are two reports of citizens taking action and supporting the effort.

The first is from the village of Sabbah Nissan and they turned in over 100 20mm mortar rounds, and it was the fourth cache in a month handed over. The second is from the village of Tuwaitha and they turned in one of the largest caches ever including over 100 mortar rounds, nearly 200 rockets, homemade explosives, and two grenade launchers.

Now we all know how the citizens have turned a new leaf in Al Anbar and have turned that province around. These latest citizens are right outside of Baghdad, which is again another huge victory! The places to hide for the enemy is getting smaller and smaller every day.

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