Saturday, January 19, 2008

Down to Three After SC

The First in the South primary is done in South Carolina. Results: McCain 1st; Huckabee 2nd; Thompson 3rd. Here are my thoughts:

Thompson put all his chips in on SC and needed a very strong showing. Finishing 3rd is a very poor finish for all the effort. My prediction is that he will drop out before Florida. Rumor has it that he will endorse McCain...I certainly hope that isn't true.

Huckabee needed to win b/c SC is one of the most evangelical states and by not being able to win there, I don't see any other state he can win. He will stay in until FL and if he doesn't finish in the top 2, which I don't think he will, he will be out before Super Tuesday or at least should be if he is facing reality.

McCain's win will give him a major bump in FL and now in my opinion it is down to a three man race; McCain, Romeny and Rudy.

Next stop...Florida. If Rudy doesn't win FL he will be done b/c he is staking his whole big state strategy on winning FL first and rolling on from there and then it will be down to two.


Mike's America said...

It was a tough night for our Fred Head friends. I voted for Fred after Rudy bailed on SC and I was hoping he could have done better but both McCain and the Huck were too strong.

I can't imagine Huck has much money left. I got 4 color photo mailings from him in the last week. That's not cheap.

After this wild ride of contests the last two weeks It's going to seem like forever waiting for Jan 29th.

Polls aren't looking too good for Rudy right now in FL:

But he's been getting organized for an all out effort and it will be interesting to watch.

Thanks for joining in the live chat.

We'll do it again for Florida's result!

Flag Gazer said...

i agree with your assessment - like it or not!

Rob N. said...

Hey CT...

I think you are right. I think after FL it will be down to McCain & Romney. Unless Rudy pulls a miracle on Tuesday... it's not looking good for your favorite liberal..

Take care out there and watch your "6"