Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ice INCREASES in Greenland???

Now here I was thinking that Greenland was supposed to becoming Green Land again due to manmade global warming, yet the waters are freezing again for the first time in a decade and they are experiencing plummeting temperatures.

Then over in Siberia, the Russians are issuing emergency warnings because the temparture is dropping to -67F which is unusally cold for the region. Also in the same article is a paragraph about a lake in the country of Georgia that is freezing over for the first time in 50 years.

And finally, God continues to have fun with these alarmist as once again a global warming protest is in the middle of a snow storm in Maryland. Yet don't think that is stopping the Dems in Maryland from trying to pass some of the strictist government regulations thus ensuring that all businesses will flee Maryland for greener pastures and cooler minds.

Here is a quote from a Greenlander that should say it all, "'We Greenlanders have acclimated to changing conditions over the past 1100 years,' said Frederiksen. 'Temperatures change at regular intervals.'

Ok, all together now...WEATHER CYCLES...see how easy that was =)


Mike's America said...

Unfortunately, any weather event is touted as a sign of the impending climatic apocalypse by the global warming zealots.

If the Sun rises in the morning, Global Warming is to blame.

Flag Gazer said...

It was -11 this morning when I got up - BRRRR

Watching the 1939 (?) movie - Goodbye Mr Chips - and one of the lines is - It must be the global climate change!