Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mud Pics

A couple of days ago I posted the snow pics...nothing so pretty today. Today is MUD!!! The mud here is your typical US mud. It is like sticky peanut butter that gets all over everything. Here is a close up.

Below is the road in front of our work trailers

Now there are a lot of sidewalks and cement. The only problem is that most paths to get to the cement is like the picture below

And so then the sidewalks end up looking like the one below

Don't worry though as in fine military fashion, they find ways to fix things in their own ways as shown in this pic leading to our work trailers from the sidewalk

And like this one where stones have been placed to make steps across the mud

The Army's answer is to put rocks everywhere like for this path. The only problem with this is the same as the sidewalks except now you have mud and rocks cacked under your boots.

Or in the case of the trailers the whole lot is covered in rocks

But then all that usually does is make wonderful water puddles like this one in front of my trailer

So, there you have the wonderful mud we face during the rainy season which last usually from December to approximately March. The one positive though is that the rain washes all the dust out of the air which means we can at least breath for a few months dust free. Hey...I take what I can get =)


Dee said...

Yah, that doesn't look fun!!

FeatherIron said...


Stay safe.

Mike's America said...

That's nice... you have your own little water feature in front of your trailer. Add a pump and a nozzle and you could have a soothing mud fountain!