Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Snow in Over 80 YEARS!!!

Well, when I reported yesterday morning that it was snowing here and that it is a very rare occurrence, I didn't realize it hadn't happened in over 80 YEARS in Baghdad (over 100 by some reports)! However, don't think this is stopping the manmade global warming fanatics, "snowfall in the Middle East can also be signs of warming" There you have it folks...first snow in South Africa in decades this past summer, first snow in Daytona beach in decades a week ago, record breaking snowfall for December in NH, first snow in a century in warning is still alive and well and it's all our fault!

Well, on behalf of all of us here on Camp Victory and probably the vast majority of Baghdad residents, we'd like to thank all of you CO2 using people out there for giving us a small reprieve yesterday by allowing us to turn our minds from what is happening here and just marvel at the beauty of snow falling from the sky. Maybe next year the kids will be able to even build a snowman, as long as they don't name it Muhammad.


Dee said...

Pretty cool!!

Mike's America said...

The lefties said there would be peace in Iraq when hell froze over.

From the photos I saw of the snow in Baghdad, it would appear peace is at hand.

Glad you were able to enjoy it.

I haven't seen snow in quite some time.

Flag Gazer said...

I found a picture of the 1909 snowfall - ! What a neat thing this was!!! I can just imagine the joy of watching snow fall in Baghdad!