Sunday, January 06, 2008

Consensus No More and Breaking Records

While I was on my Christmas break, I saw this article. It is from a Senate report that has 400 prominent scientist who are disputing man-made global warming. That is 349 more scientist than the UN report. So much for the science being done on this issue. Funny how science works. When you stop relying on consensus, which by the way is no where in the scientific method, and start relying on data and facts, then the truth starts coming out.

Now if you believe all the hype from the media and Al Gore, we are having year after year of record heat. Well, not so fast my friend.

NH breaks a record in December...the previous record was set in 1876!!! Wanna guess what record was broken...nope not the warmest month...the most snow! That's right folks...the state of NH has just had the most snow in the month of December SINCE 1876. The ski lodges up there must be loving this global warming.

Here is another one for you that throws snow in the face of the manmade warming alarmists. Snow at Daytona Beach for first time in two years...guess they haven't gotten the global warming memo either.

And finally this must really be getting under their skin as it throws a huge wrench in their plans. A Russian scientist says global warming is done and we are entering the next global cooling cycle...hmmm...a cycle...who would have thunk it??? He is saying that we need to put the Kyoto goals on whole because it will cause an even colder cycle. Man...the hits just keep coming!


Rob N. said...

you sound like coach corso... with your "not so fast..."

Mike's America said...

One of the MANY big lies from global warming alarmists is that "no credible scientist" disagrees with the socialist/enviro-Zealots opinion on global warming.

Despite the number of times I have proved that to the contrary they keep repeating it just like the big lie that Saddam Hussein would never have any dealings with bin Laden because Saddam was secular.

The Senate report really nails the coffin lid shut on the Global warming big lie just as the 9/11 Commission report did for the Saddam-Osama lie.

But that won't stop our lefty friends. They know that they can repeat these falsehoods with impunity.

The only people who are held to a standard of veracity are those of us on the right.

Cajun Huguenot said...

This is a god post.

God has a sense humor, that is why NYC had its coldest day in 100 years on the day Gore spoke on the subject of global warming.

Geaux Tigers.