Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Case for Rudy

Dennis Prager has written a great article laying out the case for Rudy being the best Repub candidate, especially versus McCain. If you are still on the fence or now that Thompson is out of the race and you need more reasons to support Rudy, I'd highly recommend it.


Dee said...

It was a really great article.

A Rudy campaign guy called me the other night and said he was just getting back from Florida. He said he has some good news about Rudy. I'm going to need it now that he has slipped to 3rd place in the Florida polls.

Rob N. said...

Question for you CT...

If it comes down to McCain vs. Romney after tonight... Who do you go with?

According to your Presidential endorsement post, you had McCain ranked higher than Romney...

But now that I've done a little more research, I'm thinking of going with Romney over McCain. I don't really trust Romney or at least feel as if he may be the Republican John Kerry (flip-flop)... However, at least he is campaigning for things I agree with as opposed to McCain.

McCain on immigration is terrible.

I will vote for either McCain or Romney over the Democrat... but may be holding my nose as I pull the lever...

Cajun Tiger said...

Rob...first...glad to hear that you aren't going third party on us assuming the nominee is McCain or Romney. I'm still holding out very slim hope that Rudy pulls out a miracle tonight. If he does, then we'll talk more.

If that doesn't happen, and he isn't first or a very strong second, I totally expect him to drop out the race before Super Tuesday or at least he should b/c sadly his campaign will be over.

You are right that I had McCain over Romney in my endorsement post. It is a very hard decision for me. While Romney says pretty much all the right things, I have such a very hard time getting past his record which is almost the exact opposite and his past stances which is the exact opposite of what he says now.

However, where I was hoping McCain would realize the error of his ways as it sounded like he was for a few weeks, now that he is the frontrunner I see him going back to his old ways again which shouldn't have surprised me.

All that to say, I haven't totally decided yet. I'll wait to see what happens tonight. As of now in my mind they are basically tied with Romney mabye having a very slight edge due to McCain's recent statements on immigration, taxes and global warming saying he was right on all his votes.