Friday, January 11, 2008

How to Tell a Conservative From a Liberal

This ad is a classic example of the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives cut taxes and liberals raise them. I'll take a conservative every time!


Dee said...

I saw this ad here in Missouri, good stuff!!

Cajun Huguenot said...

Rudy is an economic conservative but social liberal. I want the full package.

Lowering taxes is also only half the game even on the budget front. We also need to cut spending. Under Reagan there was a cut in taxes, economic recovery, which led to greatly increased government revenue. But Reagan did not have a congress that would cut or even slow down the growth in spending and the deficit spending exploded.


Nick said...

Call me crazy, but tax cuts doesn't enter my top 3 concerns for 2008.

1. War on Terror
2. Illegal Immigration
3. Comprehensive Energy plan: more development of domestic energy, both petroleum based and alternative, and significantly less dependence on foreign countries