Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dem in Trouble...AP to the Rescue

Looks like once again, the AP is doing its best to help the Dems. Just as I pointed out last June with the Jefferson indictment not having one mention of his party, they have done it again for the Mayor of Detroit who was caught lying to a jury over an affair with his chief-of-staff. In 931 words, not one mention of his party. Not evidence of bias? Well, I decided to do a search of the AP website for the latest Repub sex-related scandal of Senator Craig. Every single article had at least one reference to Republican and usually several. They almost all had the obligatory (R-ID). Then in other paragraphs it wasn't just the senator, it was the Republican senator or the Idaho Republican. Gotta love the balance and fairness of the MSM. Thank God for FoxNews, talk radio and the blogosphere!!!

Hat tip: WSJ's BOTW

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Dee said...

"Thank God for FoxNews, talk radio and the blogosphere!!!"

To that I say, Amen ;-)!!

Whenever liberals whine about getting kicked off my blog I just crack up. They control almost every news media outlet and they want to have free reign on conservative blogs also, nuts!!