Monday, January 07, 2008

National Champions Again!!!

GEAUX TIGERS!!! LSU 38 Ohio St. 24!!! National Champions!!!

Totally worth having to wake up at 3am!!! =) I have a feeling Ohio St. doesn't want to face an SEC team in a bowl game any time soon now that this makes them 0-9. It was a great season and couldn't have ended better. GEAUX TIGERS!!!


Mike's America said...


Buckeye here!

Cajun Tiger said...

Forgot you were an Ohio transplant...would have given you a hard time leading up to the game. =)

Flag Gazer said...


Emily said...

GEAUX TIGERS!!! Great game- I knew LSU would win even with those THE OSU scoring those ten points at the start.

kayne said...

I was in New Orleans for the game it was like Mardi Gras on Bourbon St. LOTS of people. Would have been better to go to the game, but our ticket connection fell through. :( Oh well LSU won and that's all that matters.

emily: There's a saying. One who poops fast don't poop long. So I knew OSU wouldn't last long after their lucky plays to score. I told a friend that when LSU blocked that field goal it would be the turning point in the game. It was ALL LSU after that!